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Webcam Cover

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Webcam Cover

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Whether you are using a laptop, tablet, or phone on the internet. There is always the chance that you fall victim to camfecting. Camfecting is a brutal attack where hackers put malicious software on your device to gain access and control of your webcam, and even you. Around 80,000 cyber attacks happen every day, and unfortunately you are their prime target. Our webcam cover is your last defense in defending yourself against camfecting. It is not only a simple solution to this massive problem, but the webcam cover is also is easy to install and use making it one of the best solutions to this brutal attack on your privacy.


Black & White Color Options

White and black color options make sure the webcam cover will match with your device for an overall clean & sleek finish.


Works on all devices!

Whether you have a phone, tablet, or laptop we got you covered! These days, hackers can hack into any device that has a built in webcam or camera, so we made a universal webcam cover that works for every device.


Easy to Use!

With you in mind we made sure that the webcam cover is easy to install and use! We designed the webcam cover with magnetic grip technology for easy installation, and made sure that shutter can be moved from open to closed with one simple push.


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