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Wireless Charging Pad

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Wireless Charging Pad

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One hassle that every experiences nowadays is waking up to an uncharged phone or device. Don't fall victim to this inconvience. With our wireless charging pad you can make sure to protect your devices charging port, and get a full long lasting charge without needing to ever plug your phone in again. This way you can wake up with a charged phone ready to go for only $10.99, and thats not even the best part! We will ship it to you completely free of charge in only 4 - 12 days! 


Quick Charging At Low Temperature

• Intelligent temperature sensing with fast charging to prevent damaging your device.


Phone Charges With a Phone Case

• Sensing distance of 8mm so it can even charge your device with a case.


Charging Indicator

• Automatic charging protection light to prevent overcharging your device. 

Green/ Blue flashing: Wrong position, Incompatible Device Detected, FOD Detected

Blue Breathing: Charging, Fully Charged

Green Always-On: Stand By


Accurately Recognize Charging

• Automatically identifies foreign bodies (things that are not able to be charged) to avoid empty consumption of electricity, and to increase the wireless pads lifespan.


Intelligent Identification Mobile Phone

• Fast charging without damaging the your devices battery

• 7.5W -  For iPhone X / XS / XS Max / XR / 8 / 8 Plus

• 10W - For Samsung Galaxy S9 P / S9 / S8 P / S8 / Note 8 / S7 / S7 Edge / S6 Edge P

• 5W - Any QI-Enabled devices such as New Airpods, Galaxy Buds


Device Protection Measures

• Below are ten safety protection systems in the Wireless Charging Pad to avoid short circuiting and or over charging your device.

• Temperature Protection

• Short Circuit Protection

• Reset Protection

• Input Over Voltage Protection

• Input Anti-Reverse Protection

• Output Over Current Protection

• Battery Over Charge Protection

• Over Current Protection

• Magnetic Field Protection


Product Parameters

Material: Aluminum Alloy+Acrylic

Color: Black/ White

Size: 101*101*6.8mm

Output: 7.5W/10w/5w

Input: DC 5V/2A,DC 9V/2A

Weight: 68g

Charging Induction Zone Distance: Within 8mm



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